Seffner Animal
Seffner, Florida is located east of Tampa and Brandon, west of Dover,
south of Thonotosassa, and north of Valrico.  Seffner is home to the
nationally recognized Life Fellowship Bird Sanctuary.  This sanctuary
rehabilitates both birds and reptiles.  The Life Fellowship Bird Sanctuary
made Seffner famous by successfully breeding rock iguanas in captivity
and having the world record holder for largest tortoise.  Seffner has an
increasing population of raccoons and opossums.  When people leave
their cat and dog food outside the raccoons and opossums will finish the
meal at night.  Once the raccoons and opossums establish a home as a
food source, they will live in the attic or under a house of that home or a
neighbor’s home. Seffner’s other pest animal problems include bats,
squirrels, flying squirrels, armadillos, moles,voles, pocket gofers, snakes,
lizards, rats, mice, birds, wasps, hornets, and honeybees.  When these
pests invade a home, trapping and removal is necessary.  Honeycombs
from honeybees and Africanized killer bees need to be removed to
prevent roaches, rodents and other pests.  When you hear noises in the
attic call a professional trapper that is experienced in catching all critters.  
Allstar Animal Removal proudly provides animal control in Seffner, Florida
and can get rid of any nuisance wildlife removal problem.

Allstar Animal Removal of Seffner is a full-service animal removal company
located in Hillsborough County, Florida. We specialize in Bee Removal and
Animal Removal services on animals and stinging insects such as Bats,
Rats, Squirrels, Armadillos, Snakes, Hogs, Skunks, Beavers, Gophers,
Moles, Fox, Coyotes, Raccoons, Dead Animals, Wasps, Yellow Jackets,
Honey Bees, Killer Bees, Ducks, Peacocks, Opossums, and Birds. We are
Seffner animal removal experts. We at Allstar Animal Removal also catch
exotic animals such as Iguanas, Monitors, and Pythons.

We specialize in the removal and control of wild nuisance animals and
bees from your Seffner home. Animal removal in Seffner is closely
regulated by the County of Hillsborough and by the state of Florida to
ensure all nuisance wildlife is removed humanely.  Most of the Seffner
animals we trap we can relocate and all babies are brought to a
rehabilitator. When you decide to hire any animal removal professional in
Seffner, you should check to make sure they are fully licensed and
insured.  Some of the more common problems for Seffner animal removal
technicians is bat removal, rat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon
removal, opossum removal, skunk removal, snake removal, iguana
removal, dead animal removal and coyote removal.

Seffner, FL Squirrel Removal can occur year round but is more common
call in the spring and fall. Squirrels are very crafty at finding existing
entry points in homes in Seffner and are often found climbing up an A/C
chase.  Seffner Squirrels will also create new entry points by chewing or
gnawing holes in the fascia board, soffit and vents on the roof.  Squirrel
Removal and Squirrel control in Seffner should be applied as soon as a
squirrel problem is discovered in your home or attic to prevent further
damage.  Squirrels may be cute but are very dangerous if left in the
attic.  Homeowners in Seffner Florida need squirrel removal and control
and should not try to remove squirrels on their own.   Seffner squirrel
removal should be handled immediately so the squirrels do not chew your
wiring and dig holes in your drywall during their nesting periods.  Allstar
Animal Removal will look for all damage caused by squirrels during the
trapping process.

Squirrels are very good climbers in the Seffner, Florida area and can often
be seen scaling the sides of walls to enter an attic.  Squirrels are very
dangerous if left alone in an attic. Over time squirrels can cause damage
to you air conditioning system and chew wires creating a fire hazard.  As
soon as you think there is a squirrel living in your attic or other area of
your home you should immediately contact a professional Seffner squirrel
removal specialist at Allstar Animal Removal.

Seffner, FL Raccoon Removal is a very serious animal removal problem we
deal with in Hillsborough County. Raccoons are very smart animals and
have adapted very well to the suburban environment of Seffner, FL.
Raccoons will eat cat food left outside, rummage through the trash, and
even sneak in doggy doors and steal food out of a kitchen.  Raccoon
Removal in Seffner is very important as the raccoons will get into the
attic of your home and destroy it overnight.  When Raccoons are found
in your Seffner attic they should be removed immediately.

Raccoons are one of the most destructive animals in Seffner FL.  
Raccoons leave feces and urine in the insulation. The damage that
raccoons do to your Seffner area home can be very costly. The damage
that raccoons do in Seffner area homes includes: raccoon babies chewing
on electrical wires, raccoons tear up your ductwork, raccoons leave feces
in your insulation, raccoons urinate on your drywall, raccoons cause
damage to your security system, and raccoons falling through the ceiling
creating damage inside the home.  Raccoons in Seffner pose a major
threat to your family's health by bringing in diseases that are easily
spread to humans. Baylisascaris or Raccoon Roundworm is a very
dangerous and potentially deadly parasite found in raccoon feces.  
Seffner raccoon removal is imperative once it is discovered in your
Seffner attic .  Allstar Animal Removal will remove the raccoons, close off
entry points and fix all the raccoon damage in your Seffner home
including contaminated insulation, holes in the roof, electrical wiring, A/C
ductwork, stained drywall and much more.  

Seffner, FL Bat Removal is extremely important and should always be
performed by a professional Seffner Animal Removal specialist. Bats are
found everywhere in Hillsborough County including Hillsborough County,
Florida churches and most houses throughout the entire County of
Hillsborough, Florida. Bats in your attic create a large amount of bat
guano that builds up in large piles in your attic over a period of time.
Bats should be removed your attic as soon as possible. Once bats are
found in your Seffner attic call Allstar Animal Removal for bat removal and
bat control.  We are humane and follow all state and federal rules and
regulations when removing bats in Seffner.  We specialize in Bat
exclusions and keeping Bats from re-entering a Seffner home.  

Bat removal in Seffner should be addressed as soon as the bats are
discovered.  Bats are beneficial to the environment but are an extreme
health hazard when they nest in a Seffner home. When Bats enter a
home in Seffner  bat guano and bat guano is extremely necessary .
Histoplasmosis is a very serious disease commonly found in guano or Bat
Feces in Seffner, Florida.  Allstar Animal Removal will treat the attic,
remove all guano, remove contaminated insulation and replace the
insulation once the bat infestation in your Seffner, FL attic is removed.

Seffner, FL Skunk Removal  is something we handle every day in Seffner.  
There are two types of Skunks that we trap here in Seffner, FL.  The first
type of skunk is the striped skunk commonly seen throughout the United
States.  The second species of skunk is the Eastern spotted skunk.  
Both species of skunks are found in Seffner, FL and throughout
Hillsborough County.  Skunks will dig under your house or climb into your
Seffner attic.   When skunks in Seffner enter your home they can have
babies and will need to be removed with caution.  Skunks are a large
carrier of the rabies virus in Seffner and rabies is 100% fatal once
symptoms occur.  We will carefully remove the skunks from your Seffner
home to prevent the skunks from creating further damage.

Seffner, FL Opossum Removal specialists with Allstar Animal Removal trap
and remove all possums from your home. Opossums or possums will
leave their feces all over your attic creating a toilet above your heads.
Opossums will create damage to your Seffner home to make an entry
point in the soffit. Also, Possums can take up residence under mobile
homes, under sheds, in the crawl space of a Seffner home.  Once noises
are heard in a Seffner attic call Allstar Animal Removal to check for
Opossum activity.  Opossums are the only North American marsupial and
the opossum babies live in their mother’s pouch.  An interesting fact
about Opossums in Seffner, Florida is that they are immune to a
rattlesnake bite.

Opossum or Possum Removal must be started as soon as the animal has
been discovered living in your Seffner attic or under your Seffner  home.  
Opossums or Possums are the number one carrier of the Cat Flea.  If an
Opossum dies in an attic dead animal removal must be performed
immediately.  Fleas are a vector for many diseases in Seffner and once
their host, the opossum, is dead they will attack the closest living
organism including your pets or even you.  A Possum can also be called a
Virginia Opossum. Opossum or Possum Removal in Seffner should only
be performed by trained professionals.   Seffner Animal Removal experts
have been thoroughly trained to handle opossums. Allstar Animal
Removal of Seffner is your local professional for Opossum or Possum

Seffner, FL Armadillo Removal is always necessary when an Armadillo
burrows under your home or digs in your yard.  Armadillos are built for
digging and can destroy any yard in Seffner.  Armadillos eat grubs and
earthworms found in the soil of your yard.  Armadillos in Seffner will not
stop digging because they cannot stop eating.  

Armadillos have an armor that protects its head, body and tail. Next to
wild hogs, armadillos are one of the most destructive animals that could
get into your yard in Florida. They will dig and destroy your sod and
flower beds until they are trapped and removed from your Seffner
property. The only solution for armadillos in Seffner is trapping and
Allstar Animal Removal’s wildlife biologists and specialists are expert

These are just a few of the more common animal removal calls we deal
with in Seffner, FL. We can also help with other animal removal problems
related to birds, foxes, coyotes, beavers and any wildlife that is found in
the state of Florida.

Allstar Animal Removal’s Bee Removal Specialist in Seffner is the right
decision when selecting a professional bee removal company in Seffner.
We understand that bees are important for the ecosystem. We love
honey bees and we try to save them every chance we get. Live bee
removal is offered whenever possible. We also understand that because
of their size, they often get into areas that are difficult to reach in a
Seffner home. Allstar’s Bee Removal Specialists carry tall ladders allowing
them to reach any beehive on a Seffner home or building.  

When Allstar Animal Removal comes out to a bee infestation a bee
removal expert will solve the problem guaranteed.  All of our bee removal
specialists in Seffner, FL have been properly trained in bee removal and
bee safety.  Twice per year bees will swarm in Seffner by either grouping
up on a tree branch, bush or just attaching themselves under the eave
of a house. We will always try to remove a bee swarm alive and relocating
them. Any Africanized killer bee hive in Seffner will be treated to stop the
rapid spread of killer bees across the United States.  Whenever bees
build a honeycomb in a wall in Seffner we will remove the bees and the
honeycomb.  Honeycomb from honey bees can attract rats and roaches if
not removed properly.  

45 of the 120 species of snakes in North America reside here in Florida
not including exotic snakes like Burmese Pythons. Venomous snakes in
Florida and here in Seffner include Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake,
Pygmy Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth or Water Moccasin, Coral snake and
the Timber Rattlesnake.  They live in a variety of habitats, some land
based and some aquatic.  They will eventually find their way into a Seffner
home and Allstar Animal Removal will be there with same day emergency
snake service.         

Caution: Do not attempt to catch or handle any snake that you cannot
properly identify. Non-venomous snakes mimic venomous snakes and it
can get confusing when trying to identify a Seffner snake.  If you are
bitten by a venomous snake, you should immediately get medical
attention at the nearest hospital.

Multiple steps to Snake Removal in Seffner: Physical Snake Removal,
Snake Trapping and Snake Prevention.  Non-venomous snakes such as
black racers, corn snakes and yellow rat snakes can be removed by hand
with proper snake gloves.  Even a bite from a non-venomous snake can
lead to a dangerous infection.  Venomous snakes in Seffner will be
removed with a snake hook or snake tongs to reduce the chance of a
potentially fatal snake bite.  Once the snake is removed it will be relocated
far enough away that it will never return to Seffner.  If the snake is not
there when we arrive we will set snake traps to catch any snakes that are
on your Seffner property within a 2 week trapping session.   We have flat
rats for snake trapping and do not charge per snake or per visit.  Once
the snakes are removed we have snake prevention programs where we
can prevent other snakes from entering your Seffner property.

Seffner, FL Rat Removal Experts offering trapping, exclusion and rodent
control services anywhere in Seffner.  Rat trapping is an art and requires
locating the nests, burrows and trails throughout the entire attic.  We will
not just set rat traps at the attic access panel. When a Seffner resident
hears noises in the attic from rats we will come out and set rat traps
everywhere the rats are living.  Whether you have Roof Rats or Fruit
Rats, or Norway Rats or Black Rats in Seffner we will trap and remove
them from your attic.  When Rats create a lot of noise in an attic they are
also causing a lot of damage.  Rats in Seffner will chew and gnaw at wires
leaving them exposed and potentially start a fire.  Seffner rats will make
holes in you’re A/C ductwork while nesting inside.  When rats nest inside
you’re A/C ductwork you are breathing in bot rat feces and rat urine.  
Seffner rat removal is extremely important for the health and safety of
your family and coworkers. As soon as you hear noises in the attic we will
come out and trap whatever critter it is.  

Once the rats in Seffner, FL are removed we will perform a full home
exclusion to prevent rats from climbing back in the attic. We never use
foam for rats because they will chew right through it.  We use all metal
based products to close up entry points for rats.  Rat removal in Seffner
is crucial anytime rats enter an attic.  We have the best rodent control
programs covering both mice control and rat control in Seffner, Florida.

Seffner, Florida Bird Control is necessary when the birds leave their feces
in areas exposed to humans. When pigeons get into a Seffner home
pigeon removal is essential.  Seffner Pigeon Removal is conducted by
Allstar Animal Removal on a daily basis. We remove pigeons from Seffner
buildings, homes, churches and shopping complexes. We do bird control
for pigeons, starlings and sparrows in large commercial buildings and
grocery stores in Seffner and throughout Hillsborough County. Pigeon
feces, or Pigeon Guano, is very dangerous and can cause
Histoplasmosis.  We will do any Seffner bird removal involving pigeons,
sparrows and starlings. We can live capture hawks and other birds of
prey when they get trapped inside a structure. All Seffner bird control
with Allstar Animal Removal follows all state and federal laws.  

Seffner, FL Dead Animal Removal is one of our specialties.  Dead Animals
will smell your Seffner home to the point where you may want to move
out.  Allstar Animal Removal will find and remove the dead animal, treat
the area for ecto-parasites and deodorize to get rid of the smell.  When a
Seffner Dead Animal Removal is necessary we are at your service.
Whether there is a Dead Animal in the attic, a Dead Animal in the walls,
or a Dead Animal under the home we will find it and remove it. We service
Seffner and all of Hillsborough County for Dead Animal Removal.

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