Charlotte County Animal Removal
Allstar Animal Removal proudly provides rodent
control, humane animal trapping, full home
exclusions, dead animal removal, attic restoration,
bee removal and honeycomb removal in Charlotte
County.  A local Allstar Animal Removal wildlife
biologist will get rid of any nuisance wildlife in Port
Charlotte, Cleveland, Grove City, Palm Island,
Placida, Punta Gorda, Rotonda, Solana and
surrounding areas.  Call Allstar Animal Removal for
a professional animal trapper and bee removal
specialist to solve any wildlife problem in Charlotte
armadillos, moles, gophers, voles, beavers, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, peacocks, ducks, birds,
feral cats, skunks, coyotes, fox, chipmunks and dead animals in the following cities in Charlotte
Charlotte County Animal Control
Cleveland - Grove City - Palm Island - Placida - Port Charlotte - Punta Gorda -
Rotonda - Solana
24/7 Service Licensed & Insured